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miracle fruit wine

  • water                            ¼ glass (lukewarm)
  • instant dry yeast         2 tablespoon
  • pre-sweetened juice  ½ cup calabash juice mixed with 1 tablespoon brown
  • calabash juice             1 bottle (long neck, give space for the ½ cup “must” to be
                                            added later
  • brown sugar                3/4 cup (it is ½ cup + ¼ cup)

Follow the steps HERE on how to prepare the calabash juice.
Checking the viability of yeast in lukewarm water.
It is viable if some bubbles are formed on the surface or the edge


Preparing the must

1.     Pour lukewarm water in the glass.

2.     Add yeast, stir to mix and let stand for ½ hour at room temperature.

3.     Check viability. It is viable if some bubbles are formed
         on the surface or the edge. If OK, proceed to next step. If not, discard and 
         repeat No. 1.

4.     Add half of the prepared “pre-sweetened juice.”

5.     Cover and let stand for 4 hours in room temperature or a little 
          higher (25 °C to 28°C).

6.     Add the remaining half of the prepared “pre-sweetened  juice. ”

7.     Cover and let stand for another 4 hours in room temperature.

Fermentation process

8.     Add the prepared must to a bottle of calabash juice.

9.     Add brown sugar, stir to mix.

10.  Cover bottle loosely (to avoid the glass or cap from breaking/exploding due to the 
        gas pressure produced by the fermentation). Fermentation must be visible with 
        the froth (effervescence). The cap can be tightened after a month. Check and 
        release pressure every month.

The yeast in action. Fermentation now in progress. Effervescent activity goes wild.

11.  Keep the bottle in a safe place away from direct sunlight or any bright light.

12.  After 2 months, the wine is ready. After 5 or 6 months, the wine will taste stronger.



  • It is suggested that you start the preparation in early morning. The initial steps will require long hours, at least 8 hours to complete.
  • The yeast may not be active enough in cold temperature.  It is best to keep the must and the fermentation mix in room temperature or a little higher.
  • Sugar is needed to feed the activated yeast. When consumed, the sugar is transformed into alcohol which is responsible for the alcohol content of the wine. Adding brown sugar is necessary because the sugar content of calabash fruit is not good enough to produce wine alcohol.
  • Between 2 and 6 months, do not expose the wine long to open air to avoid contamination that may result to spoilage or souring of the wine.
  • Increase the amount of sugar in the prepared juice to get higher alcohol content, but too much may badly affect the taste of fruit wine.
  • We use instant dry yeast, being one of the safest strain of yeast commonly and readily available in the grocery store or baking store.  Special strain of yeast is very good but they are very hard to find, and if available it is pricey. The bubod yeast used making the Maranao tapay, and the one used in making tapey (rice wine) in Benguet may also be used as a last resort, but the wine may not last long after 5 or 6 months. Consume the wine fast. to make miracle fruit juice or miracle fruit tea.

Miracle fruit


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